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China's 60th National Day Celebration
Detailed Product Description
The World’s largest LED display

    The importance of the National Day celebration in China is monumental. The 60th National Day celebration was the biggest in Chinese history thus far. The world's largest ground LED display - a combination of thousands of luminescent custom-made light trees formed a giant blazing square when looked upon from above: The ‘light cube’ for China 60th birthday. Set in the center of Beijing's TianAnMen Square and in front of the gates of the Forbidden City, the light cube was a star attraction during the ceremony and the basis of this spectacular show. The light cube sets the record of being the world's largest LED ‘display area’, while simultaneously achieving the status of being the screen with the largest pixel diameter in the LED industry.
    Product: Full Color Custom LED Display

Location: Tiananmen Square

Custom-made LED trees
Total Area: 9207 sqm (4028 trees)
China's 60th National Day Celebration

Glux LED display

China's 60th National Day Celebration

Glux LED display screen

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