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Outdoor Rental LED Display Screens Three New Segment Market Pub Time : 2017-09-06 15:07:00
Since the beginning of 2017, small pixel pitch LED screen market gradually goes into an outbreak period, some segment market of outdoor rental LED display screens are also getting hot with the end customer more and more mature, the improvement of some market segments, technology and products. In this article, we would like to discuss about these segment market.
1. Outdoor rental market is very hot in this year. 
Outdoor rental LED display screen service were developed with the advantages of LED screen’s fast install and disassemble features. With the quick development of cultural, entertainment and sports industry, rental market are developing quickly in recent years. Generally, the future of LED display screen rental industry will have great developing opportunities. In addition, with the small pixel LED screen, transparent LED screens and other high end LED screens getting more popular and goes into rental market, these rental LED display screens will be able to meet higher demand of the viewers.
2. Creative outdoor rental LED display screens get outstanding in the market.
With the improvement of public aesthetic needs and the growing demand for personalized products, creative display has become a new ways for the LED screen manufacturers to get out of the business competition in LED display industry. Creative outdoor rental LED display screen market is showing a larger market vitality in recent years, special shape LED screens, as the representative of creative display, have show extraordinary talents in the market. On the other hand, in addition to the visual impact of unique modeling, human screen interaction, VR, 3D and other techniques have also been added into the current LED screen, so as to show their uniqueness. This will become development trend to the majority of creative rental LED display screen providers.
3. Transparent outdoor rental LED display screens leading the new fashion.
Improved packaging and pixel pitch technologies, with transparent design, transparent outdoor rental LED display screens are leading a new fashion trend in the market. The transparent design can help to meet some customers’ special demand, and makes it more and more popular in the market.
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