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Six Ways to Help Distinguish Rental LED Display Screens LED Beads Pub Time : 2017-09-15 15:20:00
Nowadays, the application of rental LED display screens are more and more wide with LED screen industry developing rapidly. But the quality of different LED screen manufacturers are vary largely.
LED beads, as the most important components on rental LED display screen, determines the quality of LED screens largely. It directly influence the color, brightness, visual effects and performance of LED display screen. How to distinguish their quality? The engineer from Glux LED screen rental would like to share you the following six ways.
1. Distinguish from the size of LED chips on the LED beads. The LED chips directly determine the LED beads quality. Normally, brand LED chips have better working stability, higher brightness, better heat dissipation ability, because the LED beads directly influence the color rendering index, brightness, and other factors. These are also key factors to the rental LED display screens.
2. Check the glue and fluorescent powder on the LED beads. Better quality LED beads will use imported glue, the packaged LED beads will not transform under pressure. On the rental LED display screens, we can also test the glue’s effects by checking if there is LED beads drop or broken when pressing them.
3. Check the brightness of LED beads on the rental LED display screens. That is, how much luminance the LED beads can get. This will directly show the brightness or the LED screens. For outdoor rental LED display screens, the brightness requests will be higher.
4. Check the color evenness of the LED beads. High quality LED beads have even color and light. This is also important factor that will influence the color evenness and visual effects of rental LED display screens.
5. Check the packaging technology of LED beads and rental LED display screens. The packaging technology is as important as the LED beads. Better packaging technology make sure the working stability, evenness and performance of LED display screens.
6. Heat dissipation ability. Heat dissipation ability is another important factor that will influence the working stability of LED beads as well as the rental LED display screens.
In general, to choose better LED beads for rental LED display screens, we can distinguish from various aspects.
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