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2017 LED Screen Rental Industry Opportunities and Challenges Coexist Pub Time : 2017-09-21 14:08:00
After experiencing the ups and downs period in the 2016, 2017 LED screen rental industry has shown a new attitude, a lot of LED screen manufacturers are in short supply status of the LED chips. In the end of 2016 to the early 2017, the upstream LED chip leading enterprises are busy in expansion and prices increase; the midstream LED screen rental companies’ packaging production capacity are also rising continuously, transferring from semi-automatic to automation is more and more obvious; the downstream rental LED screen market prospects are also very good. From the overall point of view, LED screen industry trend is very optimistic in 2017.
In 2017, it is expected that transparent rental LED screens, small pixel LED screens and outdoor full color LED screens will usher in a rapid development period in this year. Some insiders have predicted that the transparent LED screens and small pixel rental LED screens will increase about 5%-10% market share in this year. The 2017 will continue to be a developing opportunity to the transparent LED screens and small pixel LED screen rental companies.
However, in the manufacturing industry, LED screen rental companies still have many difficult problems to be solved. Some of these problems are caused by the manufacturing industry, some are caused by their companies’ poor performance. In any case, these problems are deeply troubling these enterprises’ development together. Even though these LED screen companies are in a good industry development status before, but if these problems can not be cleaned up and solved in time, it is equal to an invisible chronic suicide, and miss their business development opportunities.
In general, opportunities and challenges are coexist in this year. For most LED screen rental companies, if they can further improve their rental LED screens quality, manufacturing ability, service, their own sales strategy, etc., and grasp the market opportunities, it will be very easy for them to stand out in the market.
(Reprinted from Glux LED Screen Rental Wordpress Blog gluxledscreen.wordpress.com)
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