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How to Choose Rental LED Display Screen Power Sources Pub Time : 2017-09-22 15:20:00
The power source is important components to the rental LED display screens. Better power sources can not only supply stable electricity power for the LED screens, but also can help to save more electricity cost for the customer. So how to choose better power sources for rental LED display screens?
1. Choose famous brand power source manufacturer. Famous power source manufacturer always have better R & D strength, better production equipment, higher production standard, higher product quality and performance and better after-sales service. These advantages make sure your rental LED display screens better quality and performance.
2. Distinguish from the power source’s appearance. A better power source manufacturer always have better production process, which ensures the consistency of their product batches, also ensures better appearance and components uniformity.
3. Distinguish from the full load efficiency of the power source of rental LED display screens. The efficiency is important index to power source, higher efficiency power source has higher power transferring rate. This is not only energy-saving, but also can help the users to save a lot of power cost.
4. Distinguish from the temperature increase of the power source of rental LED display screens. Temperature increase will influence the working stability and lifespan of the power source as well as the components in the LED screens. Lower temperature increase power sources are always better one.
In general, the working performance of power sources is the most important factor we should consider about when choosing them for rental LED display screens.
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