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Why Better Quality Full Color Rental LED Display Screens Still Have Incompatible Brightness Pub Time : 2017-09-25 15:25:00
A better quality full color rental LED display screen has to meet the application demand under different temperature, weather, brightness, etc.. The LED screen’s brightness, as an important parameter to LED screens, we may find even some high quality rental LED display screens also have brightness incompatibility problems. What’s the reason?
Basically, the brightness incompatibility problem of full color rental LED display screens is determined by the lighting devices and driving devices. The engineer from Glux Visual Effects Tech will explain this for you.
1. The lighting devices, that’s is the LED beads, will inevitably have some brightness incompatibility problem during the production.
The strategy which these full color LED display screen manufacturers choose is, they will classify these LED beads after the production, make sure these LED beads have as little brightness incompatibility as possible. The less the brightness incompatibility is, the better the evenness of brightness of the whole full color rental LED display screens. Otherwise there will be large brightness incompatibility problems. Most LED screens manufacturers will control the brightness difference of LED beads at 20% around.
2. Choose constant current driving chips for the full color rental LED display screens. 
Constant current driving chips, like MBI5026, has 16 constant current driving output, can use the resistor to set the current output, the current output error in same driving chip can be controlled within 3%, and 6% for different driving chips. These driving chips make sure the brightness of full color LED display screens have little difference.
3. It is normal that full color rental LED display screens have about 25% brightness incompatibility among the pixel pitches. If the LED beads are not the same type, brand, the brightness incompatibility might be 40% or even higher.
4. What’s more, the brightness incompatibility cannot be adjusted by these corrective devices in the future, this problem can only be avoid during the production. Therefore, when buying or renting full color rental LED display screens from the LED screen rental service providers, we must pay attention to the brightness incompatibility of the LED screens, make sure the brightness are even and normal.
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