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Rental LED Display Screens Technical Specifications (01) Pub Time : 2017-09-26 15:12:00
The technical specifications can indicate the performance of a rental LED display screen. In this article, the engineer from Glux Visual Effects Tech would like to introduce some main technical specifications of LED screens.
It is the smallest unit on the rental LED display screens image. Pixel is abbreviation for picture element.
Pixel pitch:
The distance between two neighbour pixel. The smaller the pixel pitch is, the shorter the visual distance will be, the higher the image definition.
View angel:
Many people think that view angel is the angel that we can see the image on the LED screen. Actually, this is wrong. When people standing right before a rental LED display screen, we can see the largest brightness of the LED screen, when we move left or right with some angel, the brightness we see will decrease, when we move to the left to a certain angel, and the brightness decreased to half of the rental LED display screen’s largest brightness, that angel and the same angel from vertical to right direction together is the view angel. For example, when we move 70 degree left, and find out that the LED screen’s brightness decreased to half of its largest brightness, then the LED screen’s view angel is 140 degree.
Brightness is important technical specification to all kinds of lighting equipment. The unit of brightness is candela, abbreviated to “CD”. Single LED’s brightness is millicandelas(MCD). Normally, rental LED display screen brightness is calculated with the total brightness of LEDs in one square meter LED screen, the unit is NITS, 1 NITS=1CD/sq.m.
Refresh rate:
It refers to the refresh speed of image on the rental LED display screen, normally use Hz to indicate them. It is different with frame rate.
Frame Rate:
It refers to the frame amount which the rental LED display screen can display in each second. Normally, it is determined by the input signal.
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