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Rental LED Display Screens Technical Specifications (02) Pub Time : 2017-09-27 15:20:00
In last article, we have introduced several technical specifications about rental LED display screens. The other specifications will be introduced in this article. 
Pure green and true green color:
Over the past 30 years, rental LED display screens display all kinds of color step by steps. Firstly, red color, yellow color, yellow green color; blue and pure green color were invented by the engineer from Nichia in 1990s. Till then, it makes full color LED display screens become possible. The rental LED display screens must use pure green color so that they can normally display the video; if use yellow-green color, the image color on the LED screen will not be real.
Color Temperature:
The brightness of red, green and blue color must be even so that they can truly restore the real image color. In other words, the white color on rental LED display screens must be white, not pink color. If the red, green and blue color are all at highest brightness, usually their mixed color are not white color. In order to get white color(usually are called 6500K color temperature), one or two of the RGB color must be turned down. In order to get real white color, the LED screen manufacturer’s engineer must test and adjust the brightness of RGB color over and over again.
Gray scale:
The total color displaying amount of rental LED display screens is determined by the gray scale of RGB color. For standard full color LED display screen, the gray scale is 256. Gray scale is also called color depth, means the amount of different brightness. Red, green and blue all has their own gray scale, together they can create 256*256*256=16,777,216 kinds of color.
Color evenness:
The image quality of the whole rental LED display screen is determined by the color evenness to a great extent. When the LED screens are producing, the brightness, view angel and feature of LED beads are not even. These specifications stays in a certain range, the better the manufacturing technology, the smaller this range will be. For the LED display screen manufacturers, choose high quality factory to provide you these components will help to reduce a lot of your adjusting work.
Color difference:
Rental LED display screen use red, green and blue color to create all kinds of color, but these three basic color is made by different material, their view angel are also different. In addition, different LED’s spectrum distribution are also different. These observable difference is called color difference. When watching the rental LED display screens with a certain angel, their color will change, the human eyes ability to distinguish the color of real image(like the image on a film) will be better than watching the images on a computer.
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