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Basic Systematic Structure of Rental LED Display Screens Pub Time : 2017-10-11 15:33:00
If not familiar with LED display industry, many people may only consider about the rental LED screens when rent them. The engineer from Glux LED will introduce you the basic systematic structure of rental LED display screen.
1. Display unit. The LED panels are the basic and main display unit of rental LED display screens, also the most important equipment. The user can choose LED screens according to the pixel pitch, size, installation environment and other aspects.
2. Video Signal Processor. It is used to buffer the input RGB digital video signal, change the gray scale, reorganize the signal and produce all kinds of control signals. It is like the head of rental LED display screens.
3. Signal divider. Signal divider is used to receive the input video signal, reorganize the signal and then redistribute the signal to the rental LED display screens.
4. Electrical and signal wires. These wires are used to connect the rental LED screens, signal divider, video signal processor, computer, etc. together, and make them work together. When connecting these wires, pay attention to connect in right way; when they are connected, recheck them, then turn on the LED screens and check if there is problems.
5. Supporting structure. No matter the rental LED display screens will be installed with hanging or standing installation ways, the supporting structures are needed. At present, steel tube, truss supporting structure is mostly used. For some special shape installation, the supporting structure will be customized.
Other equipment needed for rental LED display screens including the computer, connectors between the LED panels, camera, etc.
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