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Factors That Restrict Outdoor Rental LED Display Screens Development Pub Time : 2017-10-12 15:21:00
Outdoor environment is the largest application place of rental LED display screens, it takes large market share in the LED screen application market. Although outdoor rental LED display screens are developing quickly, but this field are still facing with many challenges, and influence its development. The main restrictive factors are as followings.
1. The whole LED display market is chaotic. At present, the outdoor rental LED display screen market is disordered. Although these high-tech, excellent production processed LED screens have good quality, but the production cost is high, thus makes their price higher. Some customer are forbidding by their high price. While many medium and small size LED display screen manufacturers have to produce lots of lower quality products so as to take more market share, making this industry competition more and more fierce.
2. Outdoor advertising, audio and visual companies are fragmented. Nowadays, outdoor advertising, audio and visual companies fragmented operation phenomenon is very series, this kind of scattered operation ways needs to be changed. Many outdoor advertising companies only have few business channel and limited business scale, if there is some big company can integrate these resources, it will be helpful for both the outdoor advertising, audio and visual industry, and the outdoor rental LED display screen industry.
3. The standard system of LED display industry is defective. Although the LED display screen industry have developed for many years, but there is no systematic industry standard in this industry, thus makes all these large LED screen companies only do their own business. At the same time, nonstandard industry also lead to chaotic price, discount and vicious competition, influenced the whole outdoor rental LED display screen industry’s development.
4. Lack of innovation. Many LED display screen manufacturers are fairly common with the price competition in this field. Because of lack of innovation, many companies have low service quality, no application of new material and technology, lack of service assurance. These factors makes these medium and small size companies can not get as much new and high technology as those large LED screen companies.
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