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Static Electricity Must Be Avoided During Rental LED Display Screens Production and Application Pub Time : 2017-10-13 15:08:00
Many people who first come to the rental LED display screen factory are confused why they need to wear shoes cover, ESD wrist strap, anti-static cloth and other protective equipment. Actually, it is because the LED screens must avoid static electricity during production.
The damage of static electricity during the production of LED display screens. If we do not pay attention to avoid static electricity during each production process of the rental LED display screens, the electrical components may get damaged. When LED is separately placed or installed on to a circuit board, although there is no electricity goes through it, there still might be static electricity damage it permanently. This will not only influence the dead-light rate of rental LED display screens, but also will influence their color performance reality and visual effects.
Another factor can damage the LED beads of rental LED display screens is that the temperature of the nodal point has exceed the melting point of semiconductor silicon(1415℃). The pulse energy of static electricity can make local LED beads heat phenomenon, and cause some failure like damage through the LED and IC. Sometimes, although the voltage of static electricity is lower than the damage voltage, this failure may also happen. That’s why rental LED display screens should avoid static electricity both during the production as well as application.
The prevention of static electricity during LED display screen production and application is important process. At present, there is no effective ways to entirely avoid the static electricity. Therefore, we should try our best to avoid the rental LED display screen from been damaged by static electricity.
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