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Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Screens Application in TV Studios Pub Time : 2017-10-16 15:25:00
With the development of small pixel pitch LED display screens, TV studios have become one of the most important application place of small pixel LED screens, and getting more and more popular. As a background screen, it can provide all kinds of vivid, gorgeous images as well as some interactive functions, make the performance and stage background combined together, and bring the audience excellent visual effects. To better take full advantage of small pixel pitch LED display screens, there are the following three aspects should be concerned:
1. The pixel pitch must be appropriate. LED screens with different filling coefficient and pixel pitch LED screens have different application distance. When choosing small pixel pitch LED display screens, pay attention to choose according to your practical application demand; it is not mean the smaller pixel pitch is better for your studio. If P1.9mm LED display screen is the best choice for your studio, there is no need to choose P1.3mm LED screen.
2. Adjust the color temperature of small pixel LED display screens. When using LED screens in TV studios, the color temperature of LED screens should be in accordance with the lights’ in the studio. According to the practical demand of the programs, sometimes the small pixel LED screens may need 3200K low color temperature, sometimes they may need 6500K high color temperature. The LED screens have to be set to these color temperature so as to get better visual effects.
3. Make sure better application environment. The lifespan and working stability of small pixel pitch LED display screens are all related to its working environment. For example, if the practical working temperature of small pixel LED display screens have exceeded its standard working temperature, not only their working stability will be influenced, the LED screen may be damaged and lifespan will shorten. In addition, dust is another factor that will damage the small pixel pitch LED display screens. It is better to keep the TV studios clean.
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