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Pixel Pitch or Appearance--Rental LED Display Screen Developing Trend Pub Time : 2017-10-17 15:07:00
From single color LED screens to full color LED screens, from large pixel LED screens to small pixel LED screens......LED display screens is developing from the color, appearance, resolution, pixel pitch, etc. Continuously. In recent years, with the application field of rental LED display screens are expending larger and larger, their application are also expending to more fields, diversified market are also developing rapidly. Some diversified market like small pixel LED display screens, transparent LED screens, double sides LED screens, etc. are also leading a new direction for the whole LED display industry. From these popular products, we can find that, the largest change of rental LED display screens in recent years is their definition and appearance. So, what will they continue to develop in the next five years?
1. Outdoor rental LED display screens: visual experience become the new direction.
Nowadays, outdoor advertising and commercial activities are very prosperous and the competition are getting more and more fierce. Outdoor rental LED display screens is more and more hard to get audiences’ attention. Therefore, more and more audio and visual companies start to pursue more better visual effects, 3D, creative LED display are special design LED display screens are pushing to the market and get popular. At present, the trend of combination between rental LED display screens and 3D, holographic projection, interactive, AR, VR, etc. are more and more obvious now.
2. Indoor rental LED display screens: more diversified.
Since small pixel LED screens leading the trend of indoor LED display, more and more LED screen manufacturers have launched their LED screens. Small pixel LED display screen’s advantages makes it quickly win more and more market share, and take over about 20% of DLP and LCD screens. Their future development is also very prosperous.
Small pixel pitch LED screens is a black horse in recent years, but there are also some new indoor rental LED display screens, like LED poster screen, LED mirror screen, LED advertising machine entering into this market and get very good market effect. Different from traditional indoor LED screens, these products have different functions according to different application and demand. It is also conductive to the LED display industry develop deeper in the market.
3. Application performance: intelligent and inactive rental LED display screens getting popular.
It is not only the appearance and visual effects of LED screens are developing, their related controlling system, operation mode are also developing into intelligent and interactive direction. More and more intelligent and interactive rental LED display screens are entering into the market and get excellent market result. This is also an develop trend of LED screens in recent years.
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