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Some Advice to Rental LED Display Screens Users Pub Time : 2017-10-18 15:25:00
Nowadays, most advertising and commercial activities are using LED display screens as their displaying equipment. For example, outdoor rental LED display screens have already take almost 60% of the market share of outdoor advertising and commercial activities. However, with our living quality and living environment change, the application of rental LED display screens should be prudent. The light pollution problems will influence our life directly or indirectly. Therefore, we should consider from various aspects when using them. The followings are some advice to the rental LED display screens users:
1. Larger size rental LED display screens does not mean better. Some people blandly pursue for large size LED screens when they need LED screens. Actually, large size is not as good as appropriate. Use appropriate size, put some efforts on creative displaying, on visual effects and experience is the best. Also large size rental LED display screens will need more energy cost and maintenance cost.
2. Expand the application field of rental LED display screens. LED screens have large application field, so do not let your LED screens rest and sleep in the warehouse after only one activity. They can be installed with different size, different shape according to your demand.
3. Pay attention to creative and interactive rental LED display screens in recent years. Creative LED display screens can not only help to create better visual effects for your event, but also can help to attract more attention for your event. Creative and interactive LED display is a kind of new display idea emerges in recent years. It is very hot now.
4. Pay attention to protect and maintain your rental LED display screens regularly. We have noticed that over half of the LED screen’s after-sales problems is caused by inappropriate use. Therefore, it is better to protect the LED screens when transporting, installing and disassembling. Maintain them appropriately and regularly to keep the rental LED display screens working status and prolong their lifespan.
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