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Reasons and Solutions of Rental LED Display Screens Flickering Pub Time : 2017-10-19 15:21:00
During the application of rental LED display screens, we may have problem about the LED screen’s flickering. Although this phenomenon will not influence the LED screen’s working, it will truly bring bad visual experience to the viewers. How to avoid this problem? The engineer from Glux LED would like to analyze the reasons and share us some measures.
The reason why rental LED display screens flickering.
1. The input electrical voltage and circuit might be unstable;
2. The wires between the controlling computer and LED display screens might be too long;
3. There might be problem with the internet wires;
4. There might be short circuit problem between the power source and controller;
5. There might be problem with the controller, video signal processor, signal divider or computer;
6. The drivers might be inappropriate;
Solutions about rental LED display screens flickering.
1. If the whole LED screen is flickering, and the image is displayed abnormal, there might be problem with the driver loading program, recheck the program and solve the problem. If necessary, uninstall the program and reinstall a new program for the rental LED display screens.
2. If the flickering is irregular, there might be problem with the controlling system. Change the system or adjust the parameters.
3. If the flickering phenomenon only appears on several area or several pixels, there might be problem with the driver or the resolution setting.
4. Also, there might be electricity supplying problem. When designing the PCB, we should consider the wire diameter of electricity and signals, the production technology, and other aspects.
Also there are many other problems may appear when using rental LED display screens. Here, the engineer from Glux LED only introduced some mostly seen problems. During our practical application, if there is abnormal phenomenon appears on the rental LED display screens, you can also ask the LED screen rental service provider to give you professional advice and solve the problem.
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