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Factors Should Paid Attention to When Using Full Color LED Display Screens in TV Studios Pub Time : 2017-10-25 15:32:00
The application of full color LED display screens in TV studios are very popular, especially small pixel pitch full color LED screens. However, the visual effects of the LED screens on TV are different. Some looks clear and the image color on TV is bright, while others are not good. The engineer from Glux Visual Effects Tech have analyzed the following aspects about what we should pay attention to when using full color LED display screens in TV studios.
1. The pixel pitch should be as small as possible.
The smaller the pixel pitch is, the higher the resolution will be, and the shorter distance the camera can take. At present, most TV studios are using 5mm or smaller(pixel pitch) full color LED display screens.
2. The camera’s photographic distance should be appropriate.
Different pixel pitch and filling coefficient full color LED screens have different photographic distance. Take 3.9mm pixel pitch, 60% filling coefficient LED screen as an example, the distance between a man and the LED screens should be 3-8 meters, so that we can get best background images. If the man stands near the LED screen, when the camera is tight shot, the background LED screen may appears granular sensation and there might be moire.
3. The color temperature should be adjusted appropriately.
When using full color LED display screens as the background in TV studios, their color temperature should be adjusted accord to the light’s color temperature in the studio, so that the image color can be displayed clearly and really on TV.
4. Make sure good working environment.
The working stability and lifespan of full color LED display screens is related to their application environment. If the practical working temperature has exceeded the specified application temperature, not only the LED screen’s lifespan will shorten, the LED screens will also be damaged largely. In addition, dust and dirt also should be paid attention to. Too much dust will influence the working stability of full color LED display screens and even cause electric leakage; the dust will also absorb moisture, corrode the electric components and cause short circuit problems.
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