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Factors Influence Rental LED Display Screens Definition Pub Time : 2017-10-26 15:10:00
With the rapid development of LED display industry, rental LED display screens application also expend to more and more field. As an advertising and commercial displaying equipment, high definition visual effects is necessary. What factors will influence the LED screen’s definition and how to improve the LED screen’s definition?
1. Pixel pitch of rental LED display screens. Shrink the pixel pitch of rental LED screens can improve the definition. The smaller the pixel is, the more clear visual effects will be. However, the cost of small pixel LED display screens is high in recent years, when using small pixel LED screens, we should consider about this aspect.
2. Contrast of rental LED display screens. Contrast is important factor that will influence our visual experience. Normally, the higher the contrast is, the more clear the image will be, the more beautiful the color will be. High contrast can help to improve the rental LED display screens image definition, details reflect, gray scale level. High contrast’s function is obvious in videos, because the image color, bright and dark change in videos is very fast. The higher the contrast is, the easier human eyes can distinguish the color and brightness change.
3. Gray scale of rental LED display screens. The higher the gray scale is, the more colorful and beautiful the image color will be. The improvement of gray scale can largely improve the color depth on the rental LED display screens. With the improvement of science and technology, the gray scale of LED screens will develop to higher controlling accuracy.
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