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Application of Creative Rental LED Display Screens in the Market Pub Time : 2017-10-27 14:46:00
Facing with current fiercely LED screen industry competition, creativity not only meet the era and user’s demand, but also created more possibility for the LED display screen manufacturers. Conventional LED screens always take much of the market share. People need a new visual experience and impact after long term aesthetic fatigue. Creative rental LED display screens perfectly meet the market demand of seeking new thoughts and speciality, and have become a new market competition field in recent years.
Currently, creative rental LED display screens and all kinds of solutions are able to meet the demand, especially some high level displaying projects. At the same time, new technologies and products are coming out continuously. Apart from structure and shape change, LED display screens have also combined with VR, multi-screen interaction, expression recognition and other technologies, make hardware, software and scenes cooperate with each other, break though traditional, simple displaying function and realize intelligentialize controlling. These improvement also stimulated the market demand of creative rental LED display screens. Nowadays, creative LED screens are very hot and popular products in many segment market.
Rental market. In recent years, many indoor and outdoor audio and visual events, like concerts, commercial performance, evening party, etc., are using creative rental LED display screens frequently. They also combine with 3D, VR/AR technology together, create very good visual experience.
Commercial display market. In the future commercial display market, creative rental LED display screens will take over conventional LED screens step by step. Creative LED screens are also applied into many commercial activities. These creative LED screens not only improve the visual effects, but also improved LED display industry’s depth and width.
Outdoor advertising market. The current outdoor advertising market is going downwards. They are not only facing with aesthetic fatigue problem from the viewers, but also facing with governmental controlling because of light pollution problem. Creative rental LED display screens is the best choice now. It can not only help to recapture the viewer’s eyes, but also can eliminate the “influence” and “damage” of conventional LED screens to outdoor advertising market.
Of course, many other segment fields are also suitable for creative rental LED display screen application. With the technology improvement, there will be more and more creative LED screens and application. Therefore, the LED screen manufacturers should improve the creative LED display technology, so that they can better meet the market demand.
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