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Indoor and Outdoor LED Display Screen Industry Standard is Needed Pub Time : 2017-10-30 15:01:00
The deficiency of industrial standard has become a factor that limit indoor and outdoor LED display screens development. Complicated product type, quality, and nonstandard product packing and identifier, has influenced the LED display screen industry’s stable and healthy development.
Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards, so is the indoor and outdoor LED display screen industry. The indoor LED display screens have developed into super small pixel LED screen era, outdoor LED display screens also have developed into HD and high brightness era, the whole LED display industry are improving and transforming with creativity and innovations. It is a new creative, innovative era now. It is obvious that LED display industry have taking much of the market in global advertising and commercial performing activities. However, with the rapid development of LED display industry, some problems also appears, and limit the industry development and improvement.
Firstly, the product quality in the market now vary large. Some medium and small size LED display screen manufacturers push these low quality, unstable, counterfeit and shoddy indoor and outdoor LED display screens into the market, seriously damage the user’s interests, and the LED display industry’s market image.
Secondly, the product compatibility, product quality standards, technical specifications, regulate production and operation standards between different LED display screen manufacturers are still not same. This problems still cannot be solved after decades of LED display industry development. For example, Some indoor LED display screens use 14 bit gray scale, some are 16 bit; some outdoor LED display screens take 6500K color temperature as their standard color temperature, while others take 6000K as standard.
If the current market disruption is a inevitable development period, then this problem must be solved when LED display screen industry developing to a higher level. Make standard and standardization is a good way to solve these problems.
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