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Indoor Rental LED Display Screens Installation Ways Pub Time : 2017-10-31 15:51:00
According to the application environment, rental LED display screens can be divided as indoor and outdoor rental LED display screens. The installation ways of indoor rental LED display screens are different according to different application environment, screen size, etc. The engineer from Glux LED would like to introduce some installation ways of indoor rental LED display screens.
1. Hanging installation. Hanging installation way is a widely used installation way. When using this way to install the indoor LED display screens, the supporting ceiling must be solid wall, or there is concrete beam as the support. Also, we need to consider the weight bearing capacity of the connectors, make sure they can bear the weight of all the indoor rental LED display screens.
2. Standing installation ways. This is an installation way that the support structure is installed on the floor. Normally, if there is no suitable hanging point on the ceiling or other place in the room, we will use this way. The most important aspect we should pay attention to is, the supporting structure must be stable and high weight capacity, so that the support can be strong enough to ensure the safety of indoor rental LED display screens.
Actually, choose which kind of installation ways for the indoor rental LED display screens, is determined by the practical situation.
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