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Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Screens are Getting More and More Popular Pub Time : 2017-11-01 15:20:00
Viewing from the LED display industry development, small pixel pitch LED display screens is the best developed products. Since 2015, small pixel LED screens have started an explosive growth and getting more and more popular.
According to relevant data, the global market scale of small pixel pitch LED display screens in 2015 is RMB 2580 million, 53% growth from 2014. In 2016, this number have grow up to about 4000 million. The development and growth momentum of small pixel LED screens is very fast.
The appearance of small pixel pitch LED display screen promoted the speed of LED display screen indoor application develop to super HD era. With the production cost decreased, more and more users start to use small pixel LED display in the TV studios, meeting room, high level commercial plaza, etc..
Depending on seamless splicing technology, gorgeous color performance, low power consumption and other advantages, small pixel pitch LED display screens can meet most of the high level application places. Comparing with DLP and LCD screen, small pixel LED screens also have many advantages like no size limitation, flexible and various installation ways, thinner body, space saving, lower energy consumption, etc..
In addition, the improvement of high definition image quality make the indoor application of LED display screens possible. With the improvement of display technology, based on the technology of small pixel LED display screens, LED TV application also appears in the market. Many LED display companies have enter this field, continuously put efforts on R & D.
With the continuous development of LED display technology, small pixel pitch LED display screens technology will getting more and more mature, and the product quality will also improve quickly. It is believed that small pixel LED screens will no longer be a luxurious product, their price will decline and the quality will improve.
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