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Small Pixel LED Display Screens Promote the Innovation in LED Display Application Field Pub Time : 2017-11-07 15:21:00
During the past 3 years, small pixel LED display screens is absolutely the most popular product in LED display industry. No matter it is in commercial or advertising market, small pixel pitch LED screens both have achieved great improvement. In the next few years, how small pixel LED screens change and promote the LED display screen industry development?
In recent years, the technology in LED display industry is developing quickly, the pixel pitch of LED screens are also getting smaller and smaller. Some technical difficulty like “low brightness high gray scale” have been solved. In addition, with the maturity of LED display industry, the cost of raw material like LED beads, drivers have reduced, which pull down the price of LED display screens including small pixel LED display screens, make the price staying at a reasonable stage. By now, some LED screen’s price is competitive with traditional DLP screens.
At the same time, with the improvement of market recognition and acceptance, small pixel LED display screens application have been accelerated into many fields, especially these conference room, TV studios and commercial displaying fields. The expansion of market scale also promote the price decline, make small pixel LED display screens application goes into a benign developing period.
With the improvement of market recognition, small pixel LED screens application in commercial, governmental and TV studios are expending quickly. As the market opened gradually, small pixel LED display screens will be applied into more and more places.
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