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Five Aspects to Help Choosing Indoor LED Display Screens Pub Time : 2017-11-08 15:09:00
When choosing indoor LED display screens, we should choose according to the practical situation, environment and other aspects together, instead of using outdoor LED screen’s standards. Specifically, how should we choose indoor LED screens? The followings are five aspects to help the users to choose better screens.
1. Brightness. Brightness is important aspects that will influence the visual effects of indoor LED display screens. Too high brightness will be easy to damage human eyes, not suitable to be used in indoor environment; too low brightness will make the image on LED screen unclear. Normally, indoor use LED screen’s brightness is 800 cd/sqm -- 2000 cd/sqm. For different brand LED screens, the brightness will also be difference.
2. View angel. The view angel of LED screens will directly determine the amount of audience whom can see the image on LED screens. The larger the view angel is, the larger amount people can see the screen’ image. The view angel is influenced by the packing technology of LED beads. Therefore, when choosing indoor LED display screens, we should take care of the packing technology.
3. Surface flatness. The surface flatness will influence the image quality on the indoor LED display screens. Normally, the flatness error in LED display industry is controlled with in ±1mm. The surface flatness of indoor LED screens is determined by the manufacturers production technology.
4. Color reduction. This requires that the image color displayed on the LED screen should be in accordance with the color of display source, so as to keep the color and image reality.
5. Dead point. The dead point on indoor LED display screens refers to the pixel point which always be dead or light. This can also shows the quality of LED screens.
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