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AR/VR Technology Assist LED Display Screens Develop Rapidly Pub Time : 2017-11-14 15:25:00
Talking about creative and interactive display, we will need to mention about AR/VR technology. On the exploration of small pixel LED display screens combine with AR/VR technology, there has been many pioneers researching and designing on this. Also, many insiders in LED display industry believe that VR + LED display screen can bring immersive sensory experience, this aspect may be the one of the develop direction of LED display industry.
It is necessary to mention that, according to the industry authority, AR/VR display application will be the communication media of AI(artificial intelligence) era in the future. Besides, as a new visual technology, AR also has market development potential. According to a report by Morgan Stanley, in the next three years, the market scale of AR technology is expected to 40 billion dollars, and drives the whole industry realize a growth with about 404 billion dollars. The LED display screen industry will also gain a large development in this era.
Thus it can be seen that AR/VR technology is definitely perfect opportunity to help LED display screen industry to a higher development level. As we all know, the price competition in LED display industry has last many years, the LED display market has not extricate the predicament of “mixed bag”. With the end users pay more attention on product quality improvement, creation demand satisfaction, AR/VR will be a good opportunity to help LED display screen industry to get well developed.
Right now, some commercial display have apply AR/VR technology on LED display screens, and get popular among the users. This is a great assistance and development opportunity to the whole LED display industry.
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