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Indoor and Outdoor LED Display Screens Power Consumption Pub Time : 2017-11-15 15:22:00
Is LED display screens cost more power consumption than other display equipment? What’s the practical power consumption of indoor and outdoor LED display screens? Perhaps this is a question most customer will ask.The engineer from Glux Visual Effects Tech would like to discuss about this in this article.
As a new display equipment in recent years, LED display screens is popular because of its high brightness, high energy efficiency. Comparing with other display equipment, like LCD and DIP screens, LED screens can save more energy.
For outdoor LED display screens, the average power consumption is about 800W/sq.m., according to different outdoor LED screens with different pixel pitch, LED beads and production technology, their power consumption may different.
For indoor LED display screens, their power consumption will be lower since the brightness request and other aspects are different with outdoor LED display screens. Their average power consumption is about 600W/sq.m..
However, this above data is normally the average power consumption(some LED manufacturers regards this as the highest power consumption), according to different displaying content, brightness, working environment, the practical power consumption will also change. For example, Glux Visual Effects Tech’s outdoor LED display screens maximum power consumption is about 1200W/sq.m., the minimum power consumption can be reduced to 600W/sq.m..
Generally, the LED display screen manufacturer can only tell you the maximum and minimum power consumption of their LED screens, the practical power consumption is different according to the display contents.
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