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How to Help the Users Choose Appropriate Rental LED Display Screens? Pub Time : 2017-11-16 15:25:00
Sometimes, we may meet some customers unfamiliar with LED display industry, they may ask us to give them professional advice to help choose appropriate rental LED display screens. So, for the LED screen manufacturers, how to help the customers to choose better screens?
1. Basically, we need to know the following information first:
A. The display content;
B. The view distance, view angel demand;
C. The resolution demand;
D. The installation environment;
E. Cost/budget.
2. For the size of rental LED display screens, we will consider according to the following aspects:
A. The display demand of videos/pictures;
B. The area condition at the event place;
C. Size of the LED display module and pixel pitch.
3. What factors should we pay attention to when considering the largest size of rental LED display screens at the event place?
A. The relationship between the view distance of LED screens and the practical size of the event place;
B. The pixels and resolution of screens;
C. The installation and maintenance space for the LED display screens;
D. The influence of the whole LED screen’s inclination angle to view distance and view angel.
4. Brightness requests of rental LED display screens in different environment.
A. Indoor environment: >800 CD/sq.m.
B. Semi indoor environment: >2000 CD/sq.m.
C. Outdoor environment: >5000 CD/sq.m.
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