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What Factors Are Influencing the Price of Indoor LED Display Screens? Pub Time : 2017-11-20 15:20:00
In recent years, with indoor LED display screens applied into more and more indoor events, the LED display application are getting deeper. This promotes indoor LED display develop rapidly. Although the price of indoor LED screens is much lower than years before, but it is still a little expensive to some customers. What factors are influencing their price?
1. The raw material influence the price of indoor LED display screens.
Let’s take the LED beads as an example. Normally, the America and Japan LED beads have mastered the core technology, their price is higher, but the quality is also better. Taiwan LED beads is cheaper than them, but their performance cannot be compare with US/Japan raw material. If the indoor LED display screens are applied at important place, it is better to choose higher quality material. Other raw material like IC driver, power source, etc. will also influence the price of LED screens.
2. The product specifications influence the price of indoor LED display screens.
For LED screens with different brightness, contrast, gray scale, pixel pitch, etc., the production technology and difficulty will be different, so their price will also be different. This is determined by the customer’s demand.
3. The main supporting systems influence the price of indoor LED display screens.
The main supporting systems including the power divider, video signal processor, signal divider, connecting wires, etc.. For different LED screens from different brand, with different specifications, their price will also be different.
4. For same specifications indoor LED display screens, the quality, performance and lifespan will influence their price.
Sometimes we may find that the same pixel pitch LED display from two LED screen manufacturers are different. Although they use same LED beads, power sources, IC drivers, their production technology may also be different. This will influence the LED screen’s quality, working stability, performance and lifespan. That’s why the price of their LED display screens are also different.
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