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Full Color Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Screens Choosing Methods Pub Time : 2017-11-23 15:21:00
At present, small pixel pitch LED display screens are the most competitive display equipment in full color LED display field. They are not only the hot product in LED display industry, but also competing with display equipment in other fields. For these customers who are interested in small pixel LED screens, what should be concerned when choosing small pixel screens? The engineer from Glux Visual Effects Tech would like to share some information to us.
1. Low brightness, high gray scale is the precondition.
In order to make sure comfortable view experience, when choosing small pixel pitch LED display screens, their brightness and gray scale are the first aspect should be paid attention to. In traditional full color LED display production technology, if we lower the LED screen’s brightness, their gray scale will also lose, this will directly influence the image quality on the screen. Therefore, the most important evaluation criteria of high quality small pixel LED display screens is “low brightness high gray scale”.
2. Pixel pitch, pay attention to combine the visual effects and application demand.
Comparing with commonly seen full color LED display screens, smaller pixel pitch is the feature of small pixel pitch LED displays. In practical application, the smaller the pixel pitch is, the higher pixel density will be, the shorter view distance will be. In addition, the smaller the pixel pitch is, the higher price will be. The customer should consider about your practical application demand, your budget and the application range together.
3. Resolution, pay attention to coordinate with the signal type.
For small pixel pitch LED display screens, the smaller the pixel is, the higher the resolution will be, the higher definition image will be. However, in the practical application, to get best visual effects, the user should not only consider about the resolution of small pixel LED screens, but also should consider the signal type. For example, in the monitoring system, the front monitoring system normally have AD1, H264, 720P, 1080I, 1080P and other types of signal, but not all the full color LED display screens can support the above signal types.
Therefore, when choosing the small pixel LED display screens, the customer should pay strict attention to these aspects.
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