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Full Color Outdoor LED Display Screens Become the Main Display Equipment in Outdoor Display Market Pub Time : 2017-11-30 15:15:00
In recent years, full color outdoor LED display screens entered into outdoor display market and quickly took over large market share of traditional DIP and LCD screens. Why are full color LED screens so strong in the market? Here are some reasons analyzed by the engineer from Glux.
1. Wide view angel. Most full color outdoor LED display screens have 140 degree view angel (both vertically and horizontally), this advantage makes them more popular and better visual effects at some outdoor audio and visual events.
2. Better visual effects. Comparing with LCD and DIP screens, full color outdoor LED display screens have higher contrast, higher gray scale, better image quality, thus makes full color LED display screens accepted by more and more customers.
3. The combination between full color outdoor LED display screens and interactive technology also enlarged their application. Creative and interactive technology combine with full color LED screens, make the screen’s application improved to a higher level, this is a field which LCD and DIP screens may cannot enter in.
4. Lighter weight makes full color outdoor LED display screens can be applied into more and more field. Comparing from weight, most full color LED screens are lighter than LCD and DIP screens, which makes them more competitive in outdoor display application, especially rental market. Nowadays, most rental display market are using full color outdoor LED display screens.
The LED chip and packaging technology has made great improvement in recent years, make full color LED display screen’s can be able to meet more and more application demand on brightness, display visual effects, IP protection level, view angel, contrast, etc.. It is obvious that full color outdoor LED display will take more and more market share and lead the outdoor display market in the future.
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