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How Should Rental LED Display Screen Suppliers Entering into High-end Display Market? Pub Time : 2017-12-05 15:20:00
During the past two years, with customers pay more attention to product quality, performance and service, and the industry transformation and upgrading, more and more rental LED display screen suppliers are transforming and upgrading their production ability, entering into “high-end application market”.
Under this market trend, high-end market has become a new cake to LED display industry. With the customer demand upgrade step by step, this market will expended to larger scale in the future, so as to help the rental LED display screen suppliers to optimize their product structure, improve their profit, and break the ice of price competition in low end market, improve the industry image and reputation. However, high-end markets have their own complexity and variability, which is already beyond most rental LED display screen suppliers’ expectation and preparation. Therefore, the rental LED screen suppliers are still facing with many ordeals and challenges.
To the rental LED display suppliers, transfer to the high end market, it is not just abandon the low end competition methods, patterns, R & D, production and then copy the high end market methods and production ways, but redefine and develop your products and service according to the high end market demand. High end market is a great challenge to most rental LED display screen suppliers, which needs new thinking and new ideas.
Many LED display suppliers are still struggling in this transformation period. The fundamental cause is that many suppliers are not changing their product R & D, production, marketing and after-sales service methods. High end does not mean high price, not mean just better style, not mean just better functions... The real high end market are not only selling their price, products, but also selling their service and delivering their ideas. The rental LED display screen suppliers should connect the product technology innovation, marketing innovation and service innovation with the customer demand, make the high price become high value.
Also we should notice that, transferring to the high end market is a long term and systematic project, it cannot easily finished in a short period. The rental LED display screen suppliers should continuously putting efforts into this, training their high end product defining ability, improve their brand reputation and recognition. In addition, the LED screen suppliers should deeply contact the market, understand the real market and customer demand.
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