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Matters Should Concerned for Outdoor LED Display Screens Safely Operation Pub Time : 2017-12-27 15:24:00
There are some matters should be paid attention to before install and use outdoor LED display screens. The followings aspects must be handled well so that the LED screens can operate safely.
1. Outdoor LED display screens are installed in outdoor environment, they often work in poor working environment like sunshine and rain, wind and dust cover. If the electronic devices get wet or severely damp, it may cause short circuits and even fire, triggering a fire or even a fire, resulting in a loss.
2. Outdoor LED display screens may be attacked by magnetic lightning attack from strong lightning.
3. Outdoor LED display screens will suffer large environment temperature change. Outdoor LED display itself will generate certain amount of heat when working, if the environment temperature is too high and with bad heat dissipation environment, the integrated circuit may not work properly, or even be burned, so that the display system does not work.
4. Outdoor LED display screens have wide audience, large view distance demand, wide field of vision and large environment brightness change(especially may be exposed to direct sunlight).
The above four aspects are the special requirements to outdoor LED screens. For these features, the engineer from Glux Visual Effects Tech summarized the above several aspects need to be noted when using outdoor LED displays.
1. The LED screen body and the combination between the building and screens must be strictly waterproof and leak-proof; the LED screens must have good drainage measures to make sure the water can be discharged smoothly once there is stagnant water.
2. Lightning protection device and measures is needed, and the LED screens, supporting structures need ground protection(the ground resistance must be less than 3 ohms).
3. Make sure the outdoor LED display screens working with appropriate environment temperature, and well ventilation atmosphere to make sure the heat generated by LED screens can be dissipated in time.
4. In order to ensure long-distance visibility in the case of strong environmental light, outdoor LED display must use ultra-high brightness LED beads.
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