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Measures to Avoid Full Color Rental LED Display Screens Been Damaged Pub Time : 2017-12-28 15:49:00
As an electronic product, LED display has their life cycle, they need regular maintenance. Some users reflect that their full color rental LED display screens are easy to be damaged. In fact, most of the damages are caused by inappropriate maintenance. So how should we take good care of the full color LED displays?
The followings are some useful measures to help the users better maintain the LED screens.
1. The power supply to rental LED display screens must be stable, and the LED screens must have good grounding measure. If there is extreme weather like lightning, rainstorm, we must cut down the electricity.
2. Rental LED display screen always exposed to the outdoor environment for a long time, will inevitably suffer the wind, sun, dust and dirt. Therefore, cleaning work is necessary. The screen surface can not be directly wiped with a damp cloth, you can use alcohol to wipe, or use a brush, vacuum cleaner for dust cleaning.
3. When using the full color LED displays, remember to turn on the controlling computer first, do not open the screen before the computer start operating normally. When closing the LED screen, remember to turn off the screen first, then turn off the computer.
4. It is better to let the rental LED display screens rest for 2 hours every day. In the rainy season, make sure the LED screens can be turned on at least one time every month, 2 hours for each time.
5. Do not forcefully turn off the power, or continually turn on or turn off the power. This may damage LED beads and influence their lifespan.
6. Do not disassemble the LED screen or module optionally if there is no professional engineer guiding. This may damage the rental LED display screens.
7. Check the working status of the LED displays regularly, make sure the full color LED screens are working normally. If there is electric wires damaged, repair or change them immediately. If there is problem you are not sure, it is better to ask the LED screen rental service provider to give you professional advice or ask them to help you repair the LED screens.
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