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Matters Should Be Concerned for Rental LED Display Screen Power Supply Pub Time : 2018-01-04 15:20:00
With the advantages like pure color, easy to install, long lifespan, rental LED display screens have been widely used in all kinds of audio/visual events. As an electronic information display device, power supply is very important to LED displays. In the process of using them, power supply is the premise to make sure the rental LED display screens stable and smooth playback. About the power supply of LED screens, there some aspects should pay attention to.
1. Check the working power range and voltage range of LED screens. Only if the power is in this range, will the LED screens not be damaged.
2. Connect the electric wires in right way. Make sure the positive and negative pole are connected in right position, and the rental LED display screens should be connected in order.
3. Make sure the power supply can meet the power demand of the whole LED wall. If there is power supply shortage, the working status and visual effects of LED screens will be influenced.
4. If there is problems happen to the LED displays, it it better to turn off the power before check/repair them. Do not continuously turn on/off the power to test the LED screen before repair them well. In addition, do not ask unprofessional people to disassemble the LED panel, change the components or wires inside the LED panel.
5. For outdoor use rental LED display screens, the grounding measure is needed. Do not use them in extreme weather light lightning, rain storm days, etc..
6. Turn on/off the LED screens and controlling computer in right way. Then turning on them, turn on the controlling computer first, then turn on the LED screen; when turn off the LED screen, turn off the LED screen first, then turn off the controlling computer.
7. Do not let the LED display screen display pure white color for too long time. Under this color, the LED screen will generate the largest electric circuit, and make the power source warm(even make it hot). This will influence the power source’s and even the LED display’s lifespan.
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