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Technical Innovation is the Key to Rental LED Display Screen Industry Development Pub Time : 2018-01-10 15:05:00
Since 2017, we have obviously felt the LED display industry transformation and upgrading are speeding up. Especially in the new round of stimulation of terminal consumer demand, the LED display industry has started an innovation competition. However, facing with the changing market demand, some rental LED display screen manufacturers gradually found that: technological innovation is always unbounded, facing with the rapid changes of user demand, can the LED display technology and business innovation still keep up?
When talking about the bottlenecks of intelligent LED display industry, the outside world will generally spearhead "industry technical standards" is not perfect, the incoordinate and incompatible intelligent terminals between different LED display products, facilities and other related industries, eventually bring "pseudo-intelligence" rental LED display screen industry status. Under this situation, many industry experts and industry associations are continuously calling for speeding up the establishment of a standard industry system. These actions also released a signal that standardization work is imminent. This is not just breaking the barriers between LED display screen industry and standardizing the development of the industry, but more importantly, is truly meet user needs.
We must notice that, the development of any industry standard requires a step-by-step process, also requires a continuous run-in time. In this context, during the process of promoting intelligent transformation, the related rental LED display screen companies can not choose to wait for the introduction of rental LED display standards, but should actively participate in and considering from "smart display", "big data platform" and other innovative aspects, considering from user’s demand and experience, truly build a effective mechanism of market and market forces.
Starting from 2016, the rental LED display screen industry has begun to transform itself into a high-end industrial structure. With the help of "intelligent manufacturing," LED display products have been transformed from "Made in China" to "Made in China" and "Created in China". Next, intelligent rental LED display screen will become the key factor to the high-end transformation and new profit margins of LED display industry, the product quality requirements will be higher. If the LED screen manufacturers want to grab a piece of cake in this new area, it is necessary to change the backward traditional manufacturing concepts and methods.
On the other hand, viewing from the perspective of future development, rental LED display screen intelligent development will be the trend. In this trend, LED display manufacturers must make efforts in intelligent technology and product innovation, continuously optimize and improve the technology and product quality so as to have the opportunity to lead a new round of market product upgrades.
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