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Intelligence is the Developing Trend of Rental LED Display Screen Pub Time : 2018-02-24 15:23:00
Today is a rapidly evolving Internet era, intellectualization is an important element that reflects the progress of science and technology. Now all walks of life have emerged intelligent products, such as intelligent transportation, intelligent security, etc.. Rental LED display industry, in order to meet the market demand, will certainly develop towards intelligent direction. This is also an industry progress trend.
In the traditional mode, each rental LED display screen requires manual management, and exposed to harsh environments for long time, resulted high failure rate, their repair and maintenance work takes many time, manpower and material resources. With the rapid development of science and technology and economy, the application of rental LED display screens is more and more widely. While the quantity is increasing day by day, it also poses a big challenge for managers. That is how to save time, manpower and cost to manage a large number of the LED screens. Under this circumstance, intelligent LED display came into being.
Intelligent LED display, in fact, is a combination of LED display screens and the Internet, so as to achieve cluster remote distribution, remote control and remote monitoring. The amount of these cluster-type display up to dozens, hundreds, even up to thousands pieces. As long as one of these rental LED display screens have problem, it will spontaneously alarm promptly, and then analyze their own state, some problems can be automatically repaired. To a certain extent, intelligent LED display screen reduces a lot of the workload of engineers.
Intelligent LED display can not only remote cluster publishing, monitoring and control, but also can do human interaction with the LED screens. It has gradually integrated into our daily lives, gradually the content on rental LED display screens have become more stereoscopic, diversified, and consumers have a better interaction. Through the interaction between people and LED screens, and visual enjoyment, bring us better visual experience. At the same time, through the interactive screen form, the commercial and advertising information will also be more widespread.
In general, intelligence will become another developing trend of rental LED display screens in the next few years.
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