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Holland ISE 2015 Pub Time : 2015-01-01 09:00:00
    In Amsterdam, the Netherlands, audition and equipment exhibition (ISE) is the largest exhibition and has most exhibitors by far in Europe, also held the most successful audiovisual and systems integration exhibition. the first ISE held on February 2004 in the southwestern city of Switzerland in Geneva, it attracted 120 exhibitors and 3500 exhibitors.And this year of 2015, ISE attracted more than 1000 exhibitors and over 74100 spectators.    Glux, as a high-tech enterprises of LED display products manufacturing and research , taking actively participate in this exhibition. during three days exhibition, Glux first launched its latest series display: carbon fiber products, color sharp, sharp screen, color crystal .New products attracts much attention for new and old customers with its structure of light, thin, transparent . Customers stopped by, even customers signed an order on the spot. All of glux feel relieved because of our popular products, meanwhile inspiring us to make more innovative products, let the glux products to the world, let the world shining for glux!

Exhibition Name: ISE 2015
Major exhibitors products: ODsn3, IDsn2.6, BAtn10, BEln, IDsn3
The date of the exhibition: 10 - 12th February 2015
Exhibition venue: Amsterdam, Holland
Booth number: 11-F38
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