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Glux Help Enlighten 2016 Spring Festival Gala Visual Effects Pub Time : 2016-02-16 09:00:00
    Although the 2016 CCTV Spring Festival Gala has ended, but I believe the wonderful performances and brilliant stage design still make a deep impression to our millions of viewers. So mention the choreography, we must learn something about our GLUX company's LED display. As the Spring Festival LED display provider for several years ,fortunately, 2016 We take the task again to provide high-quality products for the audience to enjoy a unique  visual  feast.
    In order to  meet the high standards of the Spring Festival Stage Visual Effects, Glux provide some star product, including nearly 576 square meters of IDSN3.9, 1352 square meters of MOtn and 8000 pieces of BEln.
    Behind the Beautiful visual effects reflects the Glux's LED display innovation and technology, I believe in the future our company will Continuously break through to provide viewers with more visual enjoyment.
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