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Glux’s Rental LED Screens Won the Award for Best New Rigid LED Wall Product from Infocomm 2016 Pub Time : 2016-07-14 10:00:00
glux rental LED screens
glux rental LED screens

The Infocomm 2016 has finished. Glux’s rental LED screens has won great success on this trade show. Today, rAVe’s annual Best of Infocomm 2016 Awards has been announced. Glux’s TVsn19 and IDsn3 (also known as Leyard’s CarbonLight LED) has won the award of “Best New Rigid LED Wall Product”.    As a branch company of Leyard, Glux is honored to provide our LED screens to Leyard. During the Infocomm 2016, our TVsn19 and IDsn3 attracted lots of visitor’s attention when they were shown on this trade show. Many visitors were attracted by them and excited to ask more information about them. It shows that these two rental LED screens is very excellent from both its quality and performance. TVsn19 is a kind of curved, high definition screen; IDsn3 is a kind of small pixel indoor screen.
   The award introduction of our TVsn and IDsn products can be seen at http://www.ravepubs.com/rave-video/infocomm-2016-planar-announces-leyard-carbonlight-led-displays/. To learn more information about the awards of Infocomm 2016, please go to http://www.ravepubs.com/best-infocomm-2016-awards/ to view it.
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