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Glux 400 Square Meters IDsn3.9 Applied into Maruti Suzuki Dealer Conference 2017 at Sydney Pub Time : 2017-05-18 16:30:00
    The Maruti Suzuki Dealer Conference 2017 was held at Sydeny from May 3rd, 2017. Glux, as an indoor and outdoor LED screen rental/sale service provider, have provided 400 square meters of our IDsn 3.9mm indoor LED display screen for this conference.
    Maruti Suzuki is an automobile manufacturer in India. It is a 54.2%-owned subsidiary of Japanese automobile and motorcycle manufacturer Suzuki Motor Corporation. The Maruti Suzuki Dealer Conference 2017 is a dealers conference for Maruti Suzuki in 2017. Glux is pleasured to provide our indoor LED display screens and service to them. The customer are not only feel satisfied with our indoor LED display screens, our professional audio and visual experience, but also satisfied with our pre and after-sales service.
    Glux provided 400 square meters IDsn 3.9 indoor high definition LED screen for this conference. There was two big LED screens installed at the conference venue, one 340 square meter curved LED screen(half round) as the main backstage LED screen, and one 56.25 square meters round LED screen on top of the conference venue. 400 square meters is the largest size LED screen in Australia indoor LED screen application ever before. IDsn is one of our best selling indoor LED display screens, it use carbon fiber cabinet, with ultra light weight(3.9Kg/panel), and fast installation system. Its double signal and power pins for backup also makes it able to work continuously if any emergency problem happened. This product has been awarded as “The Best New Rigid LED Wall Product” by rAVE during Infocomm USA 2016.
    Actually, during the conference, there are many customers asking us about our IDsn series indoor LED display screen’s information and quotation. It shows that they are satisfied with our LED screen’s visual effects and performance. If you are interested in this product, want to learn more information about this product or other products, you can browse the products page on our website, or contact us at info@gluxled.com.
Maruti Suzuki Dealer Conference 2017
Glux LED screen rental
Maruti Suzuki Dealer Conference 2017
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Maruti Suzuki Dealer Conference 2017

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