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Basic Knowledge About Resolution of Small Pixel LED Display Screen -- 2K and 4K Pub Time : 2017-07-03 11:17:00

With the development of small pixel LED display screens in recent years, more and more HD LED screens, 4K LED screens, etc. appears in the market now. Some people may ask, what is 4K means? Is it more better than ultra HD?
Firstly, we need to learn about some parameters before we talking about the pixels of small pixel LED display screens:
720P, 1080P, etc. means “the total rows of video pixels”. For example, 720P means the video has 720 rows of pixels, 1080P means the video has 1080 rows of pixels. Most 1080P camera’s pixel is 1920*1080. “P” means “scan line-by-line”, it is an abbreviation of “progressive”, relative to Interlace.
2K, 4K, etc means “the total column of video pixel”. For example, 4K means the video has 4000 columns of video pixel, specifically, 3840 or 4096 columns. Usually, 4K camera’s pixel is 3840*2160 or 4096*2160.
MP (million pixel)
MP means the total number of pixels, that is: P*K. For example, the MP of 1080P camera is: 1920*1080 = 2 MP.
Technically, 4K means the horizontal resolution is 4096 pixel. Because different video has different aspect ratio, therefore, there is no specific definition about the vertical resolution of 4K video. By now, more and more LED display screen companies are able to apply 4K videos on their small pixel LED display screens.
Before 4K appears in the market, we have never heard about the word “2K”, because it was the standard mode before 4K appears.
For small pixel LED display screens, 2K videos can be displayed many years ago. 4K and 8K videos’ application are still a technical bottlenecks to many LED screen manufacturers.
Glux’s TVsn series LED screen are our newest small pixel LED display screens. By now, it has been applied into many high level events including China CCTV Station, BBC, NBC studios and some indoor meetings (summits), etc.
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