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Full Color Outdoor LED Display Screen Waterproof Protection Method Pub Time : 2017-07-06 14:49:00
Summer is also a rainy season. Full color outdoor led display screens lamp beads are MSD components (humidity sensitive devices), damp and rainy weather is a big challenge to them. Most outdoor full color led display work in complex environment, the outdoor LED screen supplier and the user should not only consider the wet problems, but also do waterproof protection and other maintenance work, especially in the rainy seasons and regions. How should the full color outdoor LED display scree do waterproof protection?
1. Do waterproof protection from the designing and production aspect;
Full color outdoor LED display screens should do best waterproof protection during the designing and production period, otherwise there will be a lot of problems happening when we are using in the future. There should be waterproof cover mask on the surface of the LED lamp beads, and make sure the water and moisture cannot enter inside the LED display screen.
2. Avoid water and moisture entering into the full color outdoor LED display screens when storing them;
Sometimes, if the LED display screens are not in use, we may put them in the warehouse. We should pay attention not place the LED screens in a wet and humid environment, also make sure the water will not goes into the warehouse. If the water goes in your full color LED display screens, use a fan to dry the water as soon as possible, then turn on the LED screens and do aging treatment:
a. Adjust the brightness (all white) to 10%, aging for 8-12 hours;
b. Adjust the brightness (all white) to 30%, aging for 12 hours;
c. Adjust the brightness (all white) to 60%, aging for 12-24 hours;
d. Adjust the brightness (all white) to 80%, aging for 12-24 hours;
e. Adjust the brightness (all white) to 100%, aging for 8-12 hours.
3. Make the full color outdoor LED display screens work frequently;
As we all know, the best way to avoid water and moisture damage the electronic products is to use them frequently. The full color LED display screens will generate heat when they are working, this can help to evaporate some vapor inside the outdoor LED screens, also help to reduce the possibility of short-circuit problems of the electronic components. In addition, in the rainy season and regions, it it better to turn on the full color outdoor LED display screens at least on time (2 hours) in a week.
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