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How to Balance the Price and Quality of Indoor Rental LED Display Screens Pub Time : 2017-07-07 14:36:00
Recently we have heard some insiders complaints that the customers in indoor rental LED display screens generally have two habits: they will talk about the price with the LED screen supplier when facing with high quality LED screens, but talk about the quality when facing with low level LED screens.
Maybe this problem have confused most of the indoor rental LED screen manufacturers, but it is not hard to understand. Actually, the customers are pursuing a balance between the price and the quality of indoor rental LED display screens, simply speaking, the product cost performance.
Theoretically, cost performance is a ratio between price and performance, the formula is: cost performance = performance / price. The price and quality of indoor rental LED display screens have a proportional relation. The higher price always means the higher quality, especially in the rental LED display screen market which considering much about the product quality. The lowest price LED display screens are not the best seller, but higher price LED screens also cannot get the largest sale amount. Therefore, find the balance of price and quality, find the best and high cost performance indoor rental LED display screens are always the customers’ pursuit. As for the LED display screen manufacturers, providing satisfying products for the customers are also one of their goals.
In other words, a successful LED display screen supplier always have make a balance between the price and quality of their indoor LED display screens. They take the customers’ requirements into consideration, hold the bottom line of their product quality, and also keep a profit space for themselves. This is the best way to balance them.
On the other hand, the indoor rental LED display screens end market are also become more and more maturing in recent years, the customers also learn more about the LED display screens, they have higher quality requests with the consumer trends accelerated. However, although the overall development level of indoor rental LED display screen industry have been improved largely, the production cost have been reduced largely, the price of indoor LED display screens have drop down, but there still has some price conflict with the customers’ product quality and price.
To solve this problem, the most direct and effective is the LED screen enterprises further control their own costs through improvement of production, saving management costs, optimize the industrial chain, etc., so as to provide more concessions to the customers; secondly, the LED screen enterprises can get rid of the industry low-cost competition through technical and product innovation and entering the high-end market line.
Also, the LED display manufacturers can also ease this contradiction by guiding their own potential customers to a right price & quality attitude. With the development of indoor rental LED display screen industry, it is believed that the customers can find a variety of different price and quality products in the current LED display market.
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