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Four Key Factors Influence the Lifespan of Rental LED Display Screens Pub Time : 2017-07-10 14:53:00
During the designing, application and maintenance of indoor and outdoor rental LED display screens, there are four factors which influence their lifespan.
1. External components. Apart from the lighting components, LED display screens also use other components like the electrical wires, signal wires, electrical circuits, etc. If any of them has a problem, the lifespan of the LED screens will be reduced. The lifespan of rental LED display screens is determined by the components with the shortest lifespan, not the longest lifespan components.
2. LED lighting components of rental LED screens. The lighting components are the most important components which influence their lifespan. The main parameters including: the attenuation characteristics, Waterproofing permeability, uv-proof property, etc. If the rental LED display screens use unqualified LED chips, there might be lots of quality problems and the LED screens’ lifespan will be reduced.
3. Working stability. The working stability of rental LED display screens is determined by the production techniques. The LED screens with poor techniques cannot assure a stable working stability. If there is temperature, weather change or other electrical problems, the LED screens may have big problems.
4. Working environment. Indoor and outdoor environment like the temperature, weather, UV light, dust, etc. differs largely, so the production techniques, application, protection and maintenance ways are also different. These factors will all influence the lifespan of your rental LED display screens.
Ways to prolong the lifespan of rental LED screens.
We may find that the lifespan of LED display screens are influenced by the production techniques, application environment and maintenance work. To prolong its lifespan, we need to do from all these three factors.
01. Design and production techniques. For this aspect, we need to consider the electrical components’ compatibility, design reasonability, etc. Also, the components’ quality and performance are important factors we need to consider about.
02. Take good care about the LED display screens when using them. Pay attention not to crash the LED lights, the cabinet when moving the LED screens, turn on and off the LED screens in right way, monitoring their working status, repair and change the damaged components in time, keep the rental LED display screens in a better working environment... These are all useful ways to prolong the lifespan of the LED screens.
03. Maintain them regularly. Clean up the dirt and dust regularly so as to keep the LED screens’ visual effects better, this is also helpful to accelerate the heat dissipation; make sure the LED display screens will turn on for 2 hours one week if they do not use regularly.
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