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Factors Should Be Concerned When Choosing Indoor LED Display Screens Pub Time : 2017-07-11 15:03:00
As a current popular media tools, LED display screens are favored by more and more users. LED display use graphic, animation and video forms to display various real-time, synchronous and clear release information. LED displays are used for more and more indoor environment in recent years. They have incomparable advantages than the projector, TV wall and LCD displays. Facing with various indoor LED display screens, many users said that they do not know how to choose. The followings are some basic introduction about the commonly used indoor display screens.
1. The pixel pitch of indoor LED screens. Dividing from the pixel pitch, there are P1.3mm, P1.5mm, P1.9mm, P2.6mm, P3.9mm, P5.2mm, etc. Indoor LED display screens with different pixel pitch will have different application. The smaller the pixel is, the higher the pixel density, the higher the resolution. This is an important aspect that should be concerned when choosing indoor LED screens as well as outdoor LED screens.
2. The installation ways and application environment of indoor LED display screens. Normally, LED screen providers will ask the user about the installation ways (standing, hanging installation or other ways) and application environment, so that they can advice better indoor LED display screens according to different brightness, installation ways, etc.
3. The viewing distance of indoor LED display screens. This is also related to the pixel pitch of indoor LED screens. For example, P1.3mm LED screen’s best view distance is 1.5m, P3.9mm LED screen’s best view distance is about 4.5m. Therefore, the user should consider about this aspect when choosing indoor LED display screens.
4. The size of LED screen. The size of LED display screens will influence the installation ways, the view distance, and also the price to some extent. It is better to consider about these aspects together and choose the best size.
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