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Indoor LED Display Screens Damp-proof Methods Pub Time : 2017-07-12 15:18:00
Water, moisture and damp weather can cause big damage to the electronic products. Moisture can influence the electrical circuit’s working status, cause short circuit problems and reduce the lifespan of your LED screens. Indoor LED display screens are much easier to be damaged by water, moisture and damp weather. The engineer from Glux Visual Effects Tech would like to share some useful methods to help solve this problem.
Mostly, the humidity of indoor environment is lower than outdoor, and the waterproof and dust-proof work for indoor LED display screens are easier than outdoor LED screens. To avoid indoor humid air influencing the working status of indoor LED screens, there are the following four ways.
1. Ventilate the room regularly. Ventilation can help to evaporate the moisture on or inside the LED display screens, reduce the relative humidity of indoor environment. However, we should avoid doing ventilation under humid weather and windless weather.
2. Put desiccant in the room. This is a physical way to help reduce the moisture in the air. It is better to place the desiccant near the LED screens in the room.
3. Turn on the air-conditioner to dehumidify the indoor air. If there is an air conditioner in the room, it is better to turn on them at least three hours one week to dehumidify the air. If the indoor air keeps dry, then we will not worry about the moisture in the room.
4. Turn on the LED screens regularly. Normally, if the electrical products does not work for a long time, the inside components may also be affected by damp. The best way to keep them in a good working status is let them work regularly. If the indoor LED display screens are placed in the room for a long time and will not work, it is better to turn on them at least for two hours in a week, let the heat (generated when the LED screens are working) dry the moisture so as to keep them in a dry status.
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