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Outdoor LED Display Screen Market Will Going to High Definition and Intelligence Time Pub Time : 2017-07-14 14:56:00
LED display screen, especially the outdoor LED display screens, is a high brightness, low voltage, low power consumption, long life, strong impact resistance and excellent performance displaying equipment. Nowadays, the LED display application market is more and more wide. As the product technology and performance are increasingly getting mature and stable, outdoor LED display screens have gradually become an essential commercial outdoor display equipment.
In the past few years, the outdoor LED display screen application in the meddle and large cities are more and more frequent, many audio and video companies are expedite the application lay out of outdoor LED displays. For example, in many outdoor events like concerts, stage performances, celebrations and ceremonies, we can see outdoor LED screens frequently, the their performance are also very good.
Outdoor LED screen market is developing rapidly, all kinds of audio & visual companies, media companies are quickly follow the outdoor LED display application market. Nowadays, the application of LED screens has been expended even into some small cities.
Large LED display screen relatively has higher definition, high-resolution pursuit also has no doubt. The large size, high-definition, high brightness and larger viewing angle are incomparable advantages of LED display screens which other display device products can not have. However, shorter view distance (small pixel pitch) outdoor LED display screens are still a bottleneck to many manufacturers. Especially for these application demands only want small size (tens of square meters) and too close viewing distance, high-definition visual effects is needed.
With the application of LED display screens more and more widely, especially outdoor LED display screens become more and more popular, the customers’ demand will also getting higher and higher. According to industry-related expert survey, outdoor HD LED products have entering into high-definition and intelligent display era, we believe that outdoor LED display screens will be more and more popular and preferred by countless people in the near future.
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