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Choose Better LED Display Screen Rental Service Provider Pub Time : 2017-07-17 15:40:00
About the question which LED display screen rental service provider is the best, different people may have different option. Every LED screen rental service provider has their own advantages as well as shortcomings. The users should consider from the following aspects:
1. Rental LED display screen performance and quality. The product quality will directly determines the public praise and customer’s satisfaction. If the LED display screen rental service provider cannot provide high quality and performance products, they cannot stand in the market for long. Therefore, the product quality must be controlled no matter in any case. Because, people do not care about paying more money, but care about they cannot get satisfied product.
2. The LED Display Screen Rental Service Provider’s pre-sale and after-sale service. A better rental LED display screen service provider must have better service, both the pre-sale and after-sale. Nowadays, service performance, service timeliness and service satisfaction will determine whether the customer will continue to use your product in the future.
3. Lifespan of the rental LED display screens. The early product quality is an important aspect should be concerned, the future lifespan is also important. Glux’s LED display screens can keep at least 75000 hours lifespan, and the carbon fiber cabinet also strengthen the impact resistance ability, chemical and physical resistance ability, weight bearing capacity of our LED screens. These advantages make sure our LED screens can be applied for longer time than most of the other LED display screen rental service providers’.
4. Transportation distance. For most customers who need rental LED display screens, they may prefer the local providers or nearly ones, this can help to reduce a lot of the cost, especially the transportation cost. Glux have already noticed this and put forward a good solution: we have built several oversea branch companies and warehouse in Las Vegas(USA), London(UK), Rome(Italy), Marrakesh(Morocco), Beirut(Lebanon), Hongkong, Singapore, so that we can provide the customer our rental LED display screens from the nearest place.
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