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Ten Factors Help You Choose Better Full Color LED Display Screens(02) Pub Time : 2017-07-20 15:09:00
In yesterday’s article, we have discussed about four factors that should be concerned about when choosing full color LED display screens, including the LED screen’s brightness, color temperature, viewing angel and gray scale. In this article, we will share you another three factors that should be paid attention to.
5. Refresh rate of full color LED display screen.
When the human eye directly watch the LED display screens, if we feel that the LED screen are flickering, and there are a lot of horizontal lines when we use camera to shoot, then the refresh rate of this full color LED screen must be low. Under the conditions of without affecting the human eye directly viewing, the LED display screen’s refresh rate can not be less than 300Hz, and to meet the camera and camera equipment requirements, the refresh rate has to reach at more than 2000Hz.
6. Contrast and image uniformity.
The contrast of full color LED display screens is mainly influences by the LED chips packing and the module mask’s design. If we noticed that the images on the LED screen looks white, seems there is a gauze covered on the surface of LED screen, then the contrast of this LED display screen will not be high.
To distinguish the image uniformity of a full color LED screen, we can turn the LED screen into single red, single green, single blue and single white color, and check if there is color difference, brightness difference problems.
7. Pixel out-of-control point of full color LED screen.
The pixel out-of-control point can be divided as dead light point and normally lighting on point. With the appearance of small pixel full color LED screens, the previous industrial standard can not be applied on small pixel LED screens now. The standard should be improved, and the pixel out-of-control rate should be controlled under 1X10-5.
The above three factors, and last article’s four factors are factors that may influence the visual effects and performance of full color LED display screens. We should pay attention to these seven factors first when choosing full color LED screens. There are another three factors that should be concerned, including the protection level, energy consumption, working stability and lifespan, will be discussed in the nest article.
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