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Ten Factors Help You Choose Better Full Color LED Display Screens(03) Pub Time : 2017-07-21 15:26:00
In the previous two articles, we have discussed seven aspects which should be paid attention to when choosing full color LED display screens. In this article, we will continue to introduce the last three aspects that is important when choosing full color LED display screens for your audio & visual events.
8. IP protection level and safety level of the full color LED screens.
Normally, indoor use LED display screens need IP40 or higher level, outdoor use LED screens will needs at least IP65 level. The protection level including waterproof level and dust-proof level. The safety level, mainly about the electrical protection measures. What IP protection level LED screens you need, should consider according to the practical application environment.
9. Energy consumption and energy-saving of full color LED display screens.
The reduction of energy consumption can improve the energy utilization, reduce the LED screen’s body temperature and prolong its lifespan. If the body temperature of full color LED screens reduce 10℃, their lifespan will improve one time.
10. Working stability of full color LED display screens.
The working stability of LED screens are mainly influenced by the material, heat dissipation and heat distribution design, power switch, controller, PCB board, etc.. When choosing full color LED display screens, we should pay attention to these aspects, make sure the LED screen’s working stability performance is good. Otherwise there will be a lot of problems when we are using them.
In general, the above three aspects and the other seven aspects in the previous articles are the most important aspects we should pay attention to when choosing full color LED display screens. Only if we use better LED display screens can we bring the viewers better visual experience.
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