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Ways to Improve Full Color LED Display Screens Resolution Pub Time : 2017-07-24 15:15:00
With the technology improvement in LED display industry and people’s demand improving, full color LED display screens resolution are also improving continuously. According to the engineers from Glux Visual Effects Tech, there are four ways to improve the resolution of LED display screens.
1. Improve the contrast of full color LED display screens.
Contrast is important factors that will influence the resolution of LED screens. Normally, the higher the contrast is, the more clear the image will be, and the color will also be more bright and gorgeous. High contrast is helpful to the full color LED display screen’s resolution, detail displaying and gray scale displaying performance. In addition, the contrast has more influence to the displaying effects of videos. Since the brightness change in dynamic image(like videos) is very fast, human eyes can easier to distinguish the change process if the contrast of the full color LED display screens is higher.
2. Improve the gray scale level of full color LED screens.
The improvement of gray scale can largely improve the color depth of LED screens, and improve the displaying levels of color times. The gray scale of full color LED display screens is 14~16 bit by now. With the technology improvement, the gray scale of LED screens will continuously improve to higher controlling accuracy.
3. Lower the pixel pitch of full color LED display screens.
Smaller pixel LED display screens have higher resolution. But, this way need the LED display screen manufacturer has high and proven technique as the core support, and the price cost is also very high.
4. Use the video signal processor to improve the resolution of full color LED screens.
LED video signal processor can use advanced algorithms to modify the poor image quality signal, and execute de-interlacing, edge sharpening, motion compensation and other series of processing, so as to enhance the details of the image and improve the picture quality.
By using image scaling algorithm of video signal processor to maximum ensure image clarity and gray level after the video image scaling processing. In addition, the video signal processor of full color LED display screens should also have a wealth of image adjustment options and adjust effect, handle the image brightness, contrast, gray scale to ensure that the full color LED screen can output soft and clear pictures and videos.
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